Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun 4th of July Activities

Celebrating Independence Day and honoring the US's resistance to Great Britain has always been one of Americans' favorite holidays. Traditionally this has meant a day outdoors, maybe at the beach, park, or backyard, but almost always accompanied with lots of tasty barbecue and punctuated in the evening with some fireworks.

Unfortunately, a lot of people being careless over the years and blowing their hands off has led to fireworks being less and less easily accessible, so you'll probably want to go somewhere where you can see your city's fireworks display rather than buying your own but you can still have a fun filled day and night outside. Here's some tool gadgets, gizmos, toys, and games you can play to add a nice touch to your Fourth of July Party.

Cool stuff for your barbecue

Bolt Action Rifle BBQ Lighter - Light up your grill with a bolt action rifle.

BBQ Grilling Sword - Turn your hotdogs and steaks and keep hungry relatives away from the fire with a grilling sword.

Magic Chef Ice Maker - Make sure you don't run out of ice halfway through the day.

For the Pool
Floating recliner lounge - Relax in the pool on a cushion of air with your very own cup holder.

Floating Pool Ping Pong Table - Have some fun playing Ping Pong while cooling off in the swimming pool.

While it's still warm outside

Lounger with face hole - when you're not running around, relax in this comfy chair.

Slip and Slide Racer - Get a running start and go sliding into the water.

Ladderball - Ladderball is a fun game you can play with any old or young people which makes it perfect for family gatherings.

Water Balloon Factory  - Have fun throwing lots of water balloons at your least favorite relatives

Late night fun

Light up football - Throw a football around that you won't lose in the dark.

Glowing beer pong party pack - Play some beer pong on the patio after dark while waiting for the fireworks to arrive.

Glow in the dark basketball - Shoot some hoops late at night without losing track of the ball.

Glow in the dark toilet paper - After a day full of eating BBQ you'll be needing some TP before too long.

Enjoy your day

Most importantly, celebrate America by having fun with your friends and family. Leave aside your worries of the day and go out and have some safe fun. Then watch the fireworks in the night sky. It's a blast!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bad Stadium Experiences Screw Sports Fans

Unless you're so wealthy that you employ the services of a full-time butler named Jeeves or own a backup yacht, in which case this probably isn't an issue for you because you're sitting right next to Jack Nicholson or Spike Lee, you've probably noticed how bad the experience at sporting events is starting to get for the ever increasing amount of money you have to pay to have a decent experience in the stadium.

If your seat at the stadium is close enough to let you smell this guy, this article might not apply to you.

In more and more cities, the ticket prices are continuing to increase in spite of the fact that more and more taxpayers foot the bill for stadiums and stadium improvements, which is essentially a subsidy to billionaire team owners. Despite arguments to the contrary, this is of very questionable local economic value at best. And the additional ancillary fees are also continuing to increase. There might be an electronic ticket fee if you're buying them online. The parking fee might be a few more bucks than last year. The concession costs you have to pay for mediocre, school cafeteria quality food are also always ridiculous. This is on top the strikes, lockouts, and work stoppages that seem to plague every single major league every few years, which significantly frustrates fans that are looking to enjoy a game and are looking for a nice escape from their weekly life without being distracted by millionaires and billionaires duking it out for a few extra tenths of a percent of that big TV deal.

Now sports leagues are starting to adopt the same security theater that the TSA has implemented with new ridiculous bag policies that prevent people from bringing in purses, camera bags, backpacks, and more into the stadium. These measures will embolden thieves as backpacks, purses, camera cases, and laptop bags are going to be left in locked (or accidentally unlocked) cars, making a stadium parking lot a veritable smash and grab smorgasbord. These measures also make life a lot more difficult for families to enjoy a game. If you're a parent and want to take a few of your young crotchspawn to enjoy a big game, where will you store a few healthy snacks, an extra bottle of water, medication, tampons, some extra clothes, and anything else you might need? And given that the NFL and other sports leagues have been trying to court women and families as customers for years, this really makes things very difficult for a lot of folks they need as customers. If security is a legitimate concern, certainly there are ways other than a flat ban to inspect bags and reduce risks?

In a difficult economy, where most peoples' budgets are stretched a bit thinner and going to a ballgame or two once in a while is more of a luxury than it was before, this is starting to be more than a little frustrating even for the most intense sports fans. And all of this is besides the fact that watching a nice baseball or football game in HD in your living room is often a much nicer experience than going there. You can set your AC on full blast and sit in a cool room instead of sweating all over the place like a fat pig. You can see everything that's going on with instant replays and high-definition screens. You're sitting on a comfortable lounge chair instead of a cold plastic chair or uncomfortable metal bench. You can pause the game when you have to go to the bathroom rather than holding it in until halftime, you have a fridge filled with ice cold beer most likely within 50 feet of you, you can cook some hot food and eat as much as you want without spending hundreds of dollars, and if you're by yourself or some very close friends you can chill out in your boxers or even naked too, if that's how you want to roll.

The experience is so bad that even Mark Sanchez has stopped enjoying games.

Sports fans are so loyal to their teams that they'll willingly accept even a mediocre experience to enjoy their favorite teams in person. But everybody has their own limits, and if the experience and the value degrades, sports teams might find themselves in even more trouble. There's so many fun outdoor activities and games to play outside for free and alternative ways to spend your time and money that even TV blackouts won't protect teams if the experience is no longer worth it. It might be a good thing for people to spend their Saturday and Sunday afternoons playing football with their friends rather than just watching others play just for the health benefits of moving around. This will be interesting to watch over the next few years and see if sports attendance declines over time and how the public reacts to these types of policies. Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to comment or send us a message with your opinion on how you feel the average sporting event experience has evolved.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Top 10 Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you procrastinated like I almost always do, you probably haven't gotten your dad a Father's day gift. Here are some thoughtful last minute gift ideas that might get you thinking about what you can get him, either now or a few days late. Good Fathers are important and underrated by society and if your dad is still around and you have a great relationship you should cherish the time you have with him. Gifts aren't everything, but they do show that you care about his well-being and want to make him happy just as he has made you happy throughout the years. Here's a top ten list, along with some reasons why you should consider each Father's Day Gift Idea.

10) Panoramic Wall Aquarium : This looks like a TV but is much better than one. Dads love fish for some reason. A stellar fish tank like this will be loved.

9) Record Placemats : Depending on how old your dad is he might have very fond memories of records. This is one placemat he might actually use.

8) Hand Turbine Phone Charger : Dads love being prepared for a disaster. This is a great survival tool to have on hand for power outages or natural disasters or just camping.
7) Gorillatorch Tripod Flashlight : This will make it easier for your dad to successfully fix the leaky pipe behind the water heater.
6) Thumbsaver : If you love your dad you'll try and make sure he doesn't smash his thumb with a hammer again.
5) Hand Photo Holder : If you have some great pictures of you and your father, put it in this hand  and wrap it up and give it as a nostalgic gift.
4) Glass Drip Coffee and Tea Maker : If your dad is a coffee connoisseur, he'll enjoy making glass drip coffee.

3) Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener : Give your dad the gift of easy access to beer. Stick this fridge magnet in place and you just pop off the beer cap anytime.

2) Weston Hamburger Press : Dads love BBQ and cooking over fire. This lets him prepare the best hamburgers ever. This is sort of a gift to yourself actually because you'll end up eating better burgers.
1) Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator : If you dad is losing his hair and feels sad about that, subtly tease him with this hair rejuvenator.
But if you don't get your dad a gift, at least try and remember to call him and say hi. He'd probably really appreciate that. Don't forget!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

You'll love playing with these balls

Who doesn't enjoy playing with their balls? I'm playing with some balls at my desk right now. No pervert, get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about the kind of balls you throw and catch and kick around.

Working out is usually a drag, but if you make things fun you'll enjoy getting outdoors and getting an intense cardiovascular workout in just by having fun running after some balls and throwing them around with friends and family. Here are some fun and unique balls you can add to your collection of toys this summer so you can have a lot of fun with friends and get a great workout in.

Waboba Ball : This ball bounces on the water like you're skipping a stone. Play catch in your pool, lake, or at the beach!
Glow in the dark basketball : Shoot some hoops late at night in the park.

Giant Soccer Ball : The entire world loves playing soccer. Grab some friends and play with a giant soccer ball!
Light up Football : Easily find this football when your crappy QB overthrows his receiver and it rolls into the bushes.
Zorb Ball : This is the ball that turns you into a hamster. Crawl inside this and roll down a hill.
Froggy Kickball : This is a simple kid's ball that looks like a frog. If you really hate frogs or like kickball you'll enjoy playing with this.

Glow Ball Dog Toy : Play outside with your dog in the evening hours when he's a bundle of energy and needs to run around.
Whether you're looking for a fun activity to play with your friends, little brother or sister, or doggy, one of these balls should help you both get outside and enjoy each other's company while running around. That's healthy and uplifting and FUN!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ideas to enjoy your day in the Garden

In many parts of the world it's currently the perfect growing season for a lot of the tasty vegetables you regularly enjoy in your salad. It's not a hobby for everybody, but if you've got the space for a garden you should consider growing some tomatoes or lettuce or cucumbers or other tasty veggies. Since you're going to be spending a lot of time there, here are some cool accessories, tools, or gardening equipment that will make brighten your day. These make for great gifts for your friends or treats for yourself.

color changing flower pot
Color Changing Flower Pot Place your pretty and colorful flowers in an even more colorful, color-changing flower pot.
flexible expanding hose
Flexible Expanding Hose Easily water your plants with a lightweight and very flexible expanding hose.
garden bucket caddy
Garden Bucket Caddy Carry all of your gardening tools around easily in your garden caddy.
garden tote with tools
Garden Tote with Tools A young kid can follow you around with their own tools and tote bag.
sunny path bright sprinkler
Sunny Path Bright Sprinkler Water parts of your lawn or garden with this bright flower sprinkler.
picnic table and garden bench
Picnic Table and Garden Bench  At the end of a long day, eat a nice salad with vegetables you've grown yourself on the picnic table and then convert it to a garden bench.

Gardening is a very rewarding and natural hobby to get into, and if you've got the space for it you should really consider spending more time growing your own food this growing season. You'll feel happier and be healthier because of this effort.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Random Shower Thoughts and Questions

Usually when I'm in the shower I'm trying to clean up the dried up bodily fluids off of my body as quickly as possible so I can rush to whatever obligation I have next. But sometimes if I'm not running late I have some time to chill in the shower and think deep, random thoughts. A comfortable shower is a relaxing place to let your mind wander and come up with weird thoughts, songs, and even crazy business ideas. Most of the times you'll probably rush through your shower, but when you have some free time go slowly and let your mind wander so you can come up with some brilliant shower thoughts, ideas, and questions like this.

Why do so many porn sites have social sharing buttons? Gee, if there's one thing I really needed online, it's an easy and convenient way to let my friends, mom, and little sisters know that I enjoyed the cinematography, acting, and sound editing in Barnyard Midgets 7.

Why aren't there any words that rhyme with orange?

What if dogs actually understand what people are saying and are desperately trying to communicate with people but can't physically speak? How messed up would that be?

Are any of my friends also showering at this same exact moment?

Do people in Latvia really not have any potatoes?

Will any women I invite over think it's weird or awesome if I have Ninja rubber duckies in my shower?

Seriously, was there any problem that MacGyver couldn't solve without duct-tape, a piece of string, and a potato?

Is the biggest shower in the world big enough to setup a bigass slip and slide in? Because that would be a load of fun.

Is Bear Grylls secretly sad about being completely associated with drinking your own piss?

Where in the heck is the bathroom on the Enterprise?

If Time Travel is possible, what would be the first thing I'd do with a time machine?

If the zombie apocalypse came for real, the first thing I'd probably miss wouldn't be food, but a hot shower.

Mmmm, this shower is so comfortable. Is there any way to sleep underwater without becoming a mermaid?

If anybody sees this bloody shower curtain in my bathroom, will they think I'm a crazy serial killer or laugh at the Psycho reference?

There was one episode of Seinfeld where Kramer spent all day in the shower and did everything in there, even preparing food, because it was so comfortable. Can I try that in real life?

If you explained to a chicken that people enjoyed eating chicken nuggets, would they complain about not really having a part of their bodies that are called nuggets?

There are millions and billions of pages on the internet that I've never seen. So why am I still sometimes bored?

Will just shaving one of my legs so it feels like I'm sleeping next to a woman actually work?

If I dance in the shower too much, will I eventually slip and fall? If so, how much will that hurt?

Was George or Elaine right when they argued about peeing in the shower?

If I was a drug dealer, would I wear a suspicious looking trench coat?

If there was a zombie apocalypse in real life, how long would I survive?

If ghosts are real, how many ghosts are in the shower with me right now?

How boring is a fish's life? You swim around all day and eat smaller fish and try not to get eaten by big fish. And you drink and poop and in the same water.

Does Amy from Amy's Baking company really think she has children trapped inside of cat bodies or was that whole thing an act to get another reality show on TLC?

How many people have had sex in outer space? Will I ever have sex in outer space?

Shouldn't I shave during my shower so my skin is less irritated?

Why is Adobe software so frustrating to install/update?

Are there Fight Clubs in real life? If so, where can I join one?

How many alternate universes are there?

Is it possible for man nipples to squirt out milk? I've tried really hard but no success as of yet.

Can I really sing in the rain naked just like in the shower, or will the cops frown on that?

Was Mary Poppins actually a drug dealer?

Gordon Ramsey needs to quit the restaurant business and just spend all of his time making TV shows where he's yelling at people. Whether its people who are crossing the street wrong or landscapers cutting the grass wrong, I'd love to watch him yell at people all day long.

In thirty years or so, will most posts on Facebook start being about funeral invitations?

Is Dr. Dre a licensed physician?

Are the really intense fans of My Little Pony actually serious?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fun inflatable pool, ocean, and lake water floats and swimming toys

It's already starting to get hot so you know summer is coming soon. If you don't own a pool or have plans to get to the beach or lake for a relaxing and fun swim this summer, you're going to be missing out. Here are some cool floating games, floats, and toys that you'll have a lot of fun with when you do manage to take a few vacation days.

Cabana Islander
Floating Ping Pong Table
UFO Spaceship pool squirter

Giant Inflatable Floating Island
Swimming Pool Ball Dartz
Mega Chill Cooler
It's already starting to get hot and your air conditioning bill is probably starting to show it. Once you have a chance to get in the water you're going to have a great time and forget about your troubles. Lounge around in a cool floating island, then play some ball dartz or ping pong with your buddies. And then relax again in your floating island with a cold drink from your floating water cooler. There's nothing like that to relax and stay cool this summer.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

How To Successfully Sneak Alcohol Into An Uptight Party Or The Office So You Can Tolerate The Next Few Hours

If you're going to some lame event that you cannot skip, like an office party, a church party, Thanksgiving dinner with your Mother-in-Law, or a dry Wedding, you might need some alcohol to get through the next several hours. Certain social functions make you obligated to attend, but without any mixed drinks, beer, wine, champagne, or even peach schnapps to dull away the pain, things can definitely get a bit frustrating - almost as if time is standing still.

Here's a few tips on how to sneak in some booze into your party so you can have a great time regardless of the boringness going on around you.

  1. Don't get drunk. Get a very light buzz going on so you can tolerate the event. But don't get so hammered that people start asking questions about what's going on with you or you have trouble driving home. If your Priest or Boss finds out, you could potentially get in trouble.
  2. Don't share your secret. Stop bragging about your hidden alcohol stash -  this is your little secret. If you don't tell anyone you won't get caught. It's not like they're going to strip search you to find your hidden flask in your pants.
  3. Drink in private. It might sound weird, but head over to the bathroom or other private location to get yourself a drink. If nobody sees you, you can't get caught.
  4. Have a fun time. Don't make the party just about alcohol. Use the alcohol to give yourself courage to get out there and talk to people you otherwise would never give the time of day to.
  5. Be Responsible. This is a fun game to play to keep yourself entertained - but remember you're playing with fire.
Here are some hidden flasks that might help you in your alcoholic quest.
Hip Flask With A Shot Glass
Freedom Flask
Flask Tie
Belt Buckle Flask
Bible Flask

Finding the right flask is part of the battle, but acting maturely and responsibly is also very important. As long as you play it cool, you can get a few drinks in you when you're not supposed to and make a boring party a slightly more tolerable social situation.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Help Your Mom Relax For Mother's Day

Your mother puts up with a lot of your crazy antics and works very hard to get you the best of everything. You should help her relax with some comfortable furniture or accessories to help her relax after a long day. Here are 5 cool potential gift ideas for Mother's Day that will help her relax and stay comfortable.

Shiatsu Bed Lounger

Total Body Pillow
Slumber Mitt

Lounger Beanbag Chair
Hoodie Pillow

Don't forget that mom spent hours squeezing you out, and that hurts. She deserves something nice to make up for that. Be nice to her all day long. And if you don't live nearby at least try and remember to call her!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fun Cinco de Mayo and Spring Party Accessories

It's that time of year again! Cinco de Mayo is coming up and spring is in the air! With the toasty weather comes outdoor parties, backyard grilling and BBQ, and fun nighttime patio parties with friends. Here are some some cool and funny accessories you might want to have around for your Cinco de Mayo party, May Day Celebration, or any other gathering this spring.

Luchador Bottle Opener : Let a cute Mexican wrestler open your beer bottles for you.
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Hot Sauce: Hopefully not literally. Spice up your meat, rice, and other dishes with this.
Pick Your Nose Paper Cups : Your party guests will have a funny time demonstrating these funny cups.
Wine Stem Glass Holder : When I'm at a party and trying to navigate through a crowd, I'd rather keep my hands free.
Dip Clips : Make it easy to transport your hot sauce and ketchup without spilling it all over.

Never forget to take some time out of your busy life to meet up with friends and enjoy their company and remember to be a great host. With some of this stuff you'll hopefully have an even better time with your loved ones. Enjoy your celebration!